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Ciudadanos por Jávea presents its project for Xàbia at the Meeting of the Freginal this Saturday 18 of May

Start date: May 18th 2019
Finish date: May 24th 2019
Event type: Other events
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Tickets: Free
Event finished

Ciudadanos por Jávea (CpJ) will present its electoral program in the meeting that it has organized in the Freginal for this Saturday, May 18, at 20: 30 hours. With the motto, Ara més que mai!, will intervene in the act, Esther Tormos, neighbor of the neighborhood, Vicente Soler, President of the Neighborhood Association of Freginal and Juan Ortolà, Candidate for the Mayor of Xàbia for Citizens by Jávea. Finally, because of the rain the act is annulled and it is moved to Tuesday 21 of May.

Upcoming acts of CpJ

Tuesday May 21: At the 19: 30 hours there will be a meeting in the Social Center of Duanes to move the electoral program to Pensioners and Retirees. Later, at the 20: 30 hours, in the neighborhood of Frechinal, the canceled rally will be held last Saturday.

Wednesday May 22: Meeting at the Placeta del Convent, at 20:30 p.m., in which Aurora Ferrer, Susana Ern, Jaime Escudero and Juan Ortolà.

Event: Thursday May 23st: Meeting at the Port, Maritime Promenade, at 20: 30 hours, in which Abel Moll, César Rodríguez, Fini Martí and Juan Ortolà will participate.

Friday May 24: Meeting end of party will be in the Thiviers Park, at 20: 30 hours, and will intervene Mavi Pérez, José Prada, Susana Ern and Juan Ortolà.

From Ciudadanos por Jávea invite all neighbors to accompany them to meetings to know their project for Xàbia and the subsequent party in which attendees can talk and exchange impressions with candidates.

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