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Citizens for Jávea will take to full the dangerous state of access to the Cap de Sant Antoni Lighthouse

August 25 from 2020 - 10: 00

The independent formation Ciudadanos por Jávea will bring to the next plenary session the complaints about the current state of access to the Faro del Cap de Sant Antoni. Getting to this viewpoint these days becomes an almost impossible mission and, of course, dangerous.

Illegal parking has taken over the road, preventing two-way traffic on the road. This is because an endless line of cars park on one side every day, cutting the capacity of the road in half.

Citizens for Jávea points out how dangerous this is, especially if there were a fire, like those of last week, in that place. Neither the people who are there could get away in their vehicles nor the emergency services could access the place.

To this must be added the unsanitary conditions of the vegetation in the picnic area. More than plants, what is found is garbage, so Ciudadanos por Jávea will demand that a solution be found to recover a safe and clean natural space.

  1. Anneliese says:

    Garbage, covid19, fires,… Why aren't there guards or municipalities watching?