Chulvi: "In 2011 every Xabero owed 1.600 euros and, today, 51 must euros"

El Mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, in the balance of municipal management made a few days ago highlighted, on economic issue, municipal debt. The first mayor made reference to «Without raising taxes we have reduced the 43 million debt in 2011 to almost zero euros», when the PSOE socialist party entered the municipal government.

Chulvi explained that with the debt that there was, «Every year I had about 1.600 euros and, today, 51 euros, a notable decrease that has been carried out without reducing the amounts of support to associations and groups and without reducing the needs of Xàbia».

Also, the mayor of Xàbia and head of the municipal water company said that Amjasa has also undergone a major change in these years of socialist government as it has gone from being a "Opaque and deficit company, to a transparent company".

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    Vinga Jose, which is not so difficult, quan dinés deu facing the Ajuntament de Xàbia als bancs? 15 milions d'euros? Or is it that I do not know the concrete phrase and I can not tell it? A vore si Toni t'ajuda i is veritat that the transparència up to Xàbia. Obriu Els Calaixos! I, of country, publish what dines in concepte of 'dietes i reunions' has cobrat each regidor (alcalde també) in 2018. Això if it would be transparent perquè to the web do not see res of res.



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