Near 300 students from El Poble Nou de Benitatxell welcome the school year

The Poble Nou of Benitatxell yesterday welcomed the new school year in which a total of 268 schoolchildren (73 in Infant and 195 in Primary) started yesterday Monday, September 9, their classes at the CEIP Santa María Magdalena.

The Councilor for Education, Jorge Pascual, visited the center to check the improvements made by the City Hall brigade, as operators have taken advantage of the fact that the school is empty during the summer to repaint some exterior areas of the courtyard and the interior of the fitness center. In the sports facilities, they are also repaving the access floor to the changing rooms and inside the center they have replaced some wall tiles next to the stairs that had been loose for some time.

Likewise, Pascual held a meeting with the school's director, María José López, with whom he commented on the progress of some innovative educational projects that will be developed during this course, such as Kaleidoscope, Ecoescoles or the Cooperative Patio.

Also, the director has raised some of the center's needs. One of the main demands, as it happens in many other schools of the Community, is to end the prefabricated classrooms. "Last week, with the rain, water entered the air conditioning pipe", commented María José López.

The head of the center has highlighted the support of the City Council in regard to the needs of the school and the activities they carry out, and thanked that the Department of Education has taken over the school agendas of the 2019-2020 course.

They work to solve the traffic problems of Lady Elizabeth School

As for the other educational center of the municipality, the City Council of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell is working together with the management of the private international school Lady Elizabeth to find a solution to one of the problems that most worries its users and that affects the correct transit of The whole town.

These are the traffic jams that are generated every morning at rush hour at the traffic lights of the urban crossing and other roads. The problem, which is long, was compounded by a significant increase in traffic due to the increase in school users (1.115 students and 200 staff members) after the opening of the new secondary school.


Last August, the Councilor for Education, Jorge Pascual, and the mayor of Public Safety, María José Ivars, held a meeting with the director of the center, with whom they were studying various proposals. One of them, in the longer term, is the construction of three roundabouts and a parking lot at the access to the detour, on the Xàbia road. In the short term, to give a quick solution to the problem, the possibility of planning a staggered entrance in the classrooms has been raised by advancing the entrance of elementary students or about 15 minutes
secondary to prevent all traffic from matching in the same time slot.

It is also studying the possibility of organizing groups of students who reside nearby to go all in the same car and thus reduce the number of vehicles, or the increase in school buses.

“This City Council is not going to stand idly by the problems that affect the daily life of our neighbors. It is essential to carry out a global mobility plan and aim for our municipality to overcome these problems. The City Council will lead, of course, that search for solutions. In fact, the Provincial Council has already authorized the roundabout project that will decongest traffic. But it is important that everyone, including residents of areas that suffer an abnormal volume of traffic, collaborate and work together. ”, said the mayor of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell, Miguel Ángel García.

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