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Nearly 2000 students from Xàbia prepare a sustainable surprise for Christmas

November 29 from 2023 - 15: 42

The educational centers of Xàbia are working on a new initiative promoted by the company responsible for waste collection and street cleaning, Tetma and the Town hall. The action wants to take advantage of Christmas to convey the message of sustainable holidays.

The company awarded the cleaning service, through environmental educators, has launched an environmental education program in schools to raise awareness from the grassroots of the importance of recycling and the correct use of different containers.

The work focuses on promoting civic values ​​of coexistence and respect for the environment. From Tetma they point out that "the future begins today and it is with the little ones with whom a more sustainable future will be built." Part of the fruits of that work can be seen this Christmas in Xàbia.

The students are carrying out different activities, among which one stands out in which they recover plastic bottles to give them a new use, in such a way that they are taught how different waste can be reused.

Reduce, reuse and recycle are the concepts that the Xàbia schoolchildren are working on, who are preparing a surprise that can be seen this Christmas.

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