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Carme Català (Compromís per Xàbia): "We have not lost a councilor, but we have gained one"

May 29 from 2023 - 09: 41

"We have not lost a councilor, but we have won one, because it would have been worse not to appear. Therefore, for us there is a victory." With this statement she valued the candidate of Compromís per Xàbia the results of the municipal elections of 28M of 2023.

For Carme Català and her entire team, having a councilor is a complete success, "we entered the Town hall and we will have a voice, which is the important thing. Three months ago we did not think that we could make a candidacy, but despite all the difficulties we succeeded. We have managed to revive the group, I feel very supported and it is having the councilor".

The Compromís candidate points out that the day went well, although the tension was present because "there was a very strong rival from the right and it leaves us somewhat depressed." Now Compromís maintains that it will continue to work for Xàbia and for the demands of the fishermen.

Currently, and with the results on the table, where Xàbia needs a pact to govern; Carme Català reviews that the panorama in Xàbia has been tense, "for our part we will value what they offer us, we see that it is very tight".

And it is that, the result of the Compromís in this 28M has been 593 votes, which supposes a 6,77% of support of the total of the voters, which grants him a councilor act for the next legislature.

  1. Pau (FR) says:

    Hi has to serve the interests of Xàbia, not that of a mayor who serves his lords.

  2. Paco says:

    The Chorro-Caturla clan returns again

  3. duaner says:

    You couldn't get less. I ara, reward the imperial mayor acabereu ruining your group
    Ara veurem…if you voleu canvi to Xàbia.

  4. Luis says:

    Well, nothing, to pay the salary to more enlightened
    What a nightmare!!