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Carme Català (Compromís): "our priority is to face the climatic emergency, to protect our heat and the landscape"

May 22 from 2023 - 07: 50

The local elections of the next 28M of 2023 come with a renewed air for the Valencian formation of Compromís per Xàbia after the crisis suffered, a few months ago, due to the resignation of its two elected councilors. Elections were coming up and it seemed that Compromís was not strong, but on the contrary, a change was coming.

The young Carme Català Caturla, flutist by profession and resident of Xàbia, took the reins of the formation and headed the list of candidates for these elections. A list that has historical militants and new people full of enthusiasm and energy to work for Xàbia. But what is her project? We talked about all this with the candidate for mayor of Xàbia for Compromís, Carme Català

QUESTION: Who is Carme Català?

ANSWER: Xabiera i jove of the XNUMXst century. Trying to open myself, I walked into a world that is as difficult as that of classical music. Now I dedicate myself to teaching the transverse flute in various schools in the Marina Alta and collaborate with local orchestras. I was also introduced to lyrics, and thanks to això I studied languages.

Q: What has led you to present yourself in the municipal elections of Xàbia and head the Compromís list?

R:I have always been related to the collective, and I have considered that it was a way of transparent political faith, of proximity, normal people who deal with real problems.

My convictions are clear: equality, respect, feminism, ecology, sustainability, Valencianism of the esquerres, and growth in public education and health services.

Commitment to Xàbia will establish the consensus to carry out the list for this 28M. The result will be that the militants will consider that it was time for a young lady to lead the list, and here it is.

Q: How would you describe the team that accompanies you?

R:As you said, we believe in proximity. Our team is made up of women and men who are and have always been involved in the life of the people. Ens trobaràs en molts àmbits: associacions i professions diverse. I have experience in politics and the illusion of new incorporations. Culture, traditions, sports, integration, the LGTBI community, feminism, the festival... cares many neighbors, people of relevance to the population and who they vore on a daily basis on the street.

I have a good team, which can direct the different departments and proposals that have people in the center.

Q: Four years ago, one of the priorities of Compromís was 'Modernize the Municipal Public Administration', something that, in part, has been achieved, but what priority action does Xàbia need now and from the point of view of Compromís, what is Should I start acting?

R:Our priority at this moment is a plan to face the climatic emergency. Urgent action is needed to safeguard the environment and health, because in a town like ours vora la Mediterrània the consequences of climate change include extreme meteorological events: floods, droughts and raging fires.

Along the same lines, it is also necessary to review the planning strategies for tourism, betting on what is known for "responsible tourism" which is that which is based on respect for the environment, and is a factor of local development that ensures the quality of life of the citizens We have not arrived at the situation in which tourism is demonized.

In all manners, and to the one who has referred to the question, consider that the object is not achieved. The public administration is still obsolete, the transparency portal is not up-to-date (neither the budgets, nor the gifts of the public càrrecs, etc.) and the procedures in quantum urbanism and social services are eternal. Continue betting to recover and expedite the service department.

Q: The slogan of Compromís in these elections is 'Per all who matters'. What is the main objective of the party to initiate a change in Xàbia?

R: All that matters are the people and ensure the quality of life and future in our town. They have spoken of the climatic emergency, but they have also attended to their basic needs. We highlight education and health, two areas in which we must ensure a quality public framework, with efficient services and infrastructures. On the other side is the economy of all of us ahead of speculation, assuring equal opportunities and diversifying sectors ahead of the effects of globalization.

At cap ia la fi, pay our taxes and help us so that the services arrive to the citizens.

Q: Housing and youth are two issues strongly claimed by Compromís. What plans does Carme have to change this situation in Xàbia?

R: Housing and youth are two concepts that inevitably have to be linked, but we must be aware that the difficulties of access to housing are a problem for the whole of society: families and great people.

In the end, it's all a roda: the loss of purchasing power, the almost exclusive dependence on tourism, job insecurity and speculation. The solution has to pass through the balance of the housing price, purchasing power and coexistence with tourism. We propose policies for the rehabilitation and reorientation of the existing housing estates, expanding the assistance to the convertible, involving and helping the local sector, betting on energy efficiency and accessibility, along with demanding the incorporation of real estate and solar from the Sareb to the public park.

Q: We are talking about your electoral program. What are the main projects that Compromís has to improve Xàbia and the lives of its citizens?

R: Our program is formatted for 10 interconnected points. We highlight protecting our land and the landscape, promoting local commerce and generational replenishment, that tourism follows a growth path, betting on the primary sector, being responsible for the infrastructures, adapting and conditioning urbanism so that it does not They exclude local companies, with special attention to social services and to the elderly, thus placing the focus on mental health and sexual education, and increasing security in all their contexts.

In general, all around the voltant of the economy, and for això s'has to reactivate, diversify and revive the local activity in all areas. El poble l'hem de fer entre tots, is not cosa d'un partit. Compromís is willing to collaborate with those who are willing to manage seriously, putting aside the interests of individuals and partisans.

Q: What message would you send to the residents of Xàbia?

R: “That everything is per fer i everything is possible”. Xàbia throughout history has shown that she is capable of doing great things. Volem rewrite the future, so that the next generations can enjoy our Xàbia. They have the obligation to leave a better population than they rebut.

  1. Luis says:

    Does this girl belong to the Catalá – Cholbí family? Always the same last names distributed among the different parties to have everything under control and that nothing changes in the simulation of caciques that they are.

  2. Ana says:

    Per tot el que importa… that is, we Spanish-speakers do not matter.
    Is that the slutty and sectarian politics that a multicultural and diverse people needs?

  3. Francisco says:

    a very pluralistic message for the half of the population that pays taxes and does not speak Valencian. Very nice this girl who with our taxes instead of cleaning, correct management of the property registry, the police and security in the streets wants us to take care of the environment so that later they live like kings.