Calendar of certification tests of official language schools

The Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport, through the General Directorate of Language Policy, has published the calendar of registration and certification tests of the different levels and languages ​​in the official language schools.

The new call gives continuity to the improvements that were introduced in the previous courses. Among these measures, all students of the official language schools, official and free, will have the possibility to be examined in the extraordinary call for September only of the skills not exceeded in the ordinary call.

These improvements in Linguistic Policy of the Generalitat have also translated into an increase of 14 to 17 languages ​​and an increase of seats up to 98.800 in the 2018-2019 course, which means an 23'5% more seats than last year.

In addition, the extraordinary test of September will take place in the same school where the test of the ordinary call was made. As a main novelty, the students enrolled before the 2018-2019 course in the official language schools of Alicante, Castellón, Quart de Poblet and Valencia who want to take the certification test in the seven newly created schools, must not pay transfer of the file .

Free students who exceed three of the four skills of the certification test may enroll in the second year of the same level that has not passed in the extraordinary session, without the need to take the level test.

Certification testing calendar

As for the calendar of the ordinary tests, the written skills will be realized between the 22 of May and the 21 of June. Regarding the test of oral expression and interaction skills, each language school will determine the dates of completion, and may be done before the written skills, from the 22 in May.

Finally, the written skills of the extraordinary tests will be done between the 3 and the 13 in September, and the date of completion of the oral skills will also be established by each language school, and may be done prior to the written skills.

Registration calendar for official students

Regarding the registration calendar, the students that during the academic year 2018-2019 are enrolled in the official language schools of the Comunitat Valenciana in the last course of level A2, in the last course of level B1, in the last B2 course or at the C1 or C2 levels, you can register to take the certification test corresponding to the official language school where you study.

This registration will be done exclusively by telematic means and will be exempt from the payment of fees, and will be done from the 9: 00 hours of the 11 day of February to the 15: 00 hours of the 25 day of February of 2019.

After the registration deadline, the official Valencian language schools will make public the provisional lists of the students enrolled in the certification test on March 1. After the deadline of 10 days to make corrections, the final lists of the students enrolled in the certification test must be published in the official language schools prior to the March 22 day.

Free students

For students not enrolled in official language schools or who have renounced enrollment, the period of telematic registration will be from 9.00 hours of 11 day in February to 15.00 hours of 25 in February. The payment of the fees and the presentation of the required documentation in the EOI secretariat must be done within the period between the 12 day in February and the 8 day in March.

The provisional list of admitted ones will be published the 13 of March, and the definitive one, after having given a term of 10 days for corrections, the 2 of April.

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