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Cala de Ambolo (nudist beach): history, how to get there and photos

22 2020 April - 00: 00

La Cala Ambolo is a nudist beach, the only one on the Xàbia coastline, virgin, with crystal clear waters and formed of gravel. Its level of occupation is low and its length is about 300 meters. Currently, this beach is closed due to the risk of detachment.

Next you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with.

Origin of its name

Cala Ambolo owes its name to the watchtower built in the XNUMXth century, whose function was the surveillance and maritime defense of pirate attacks, like the other watchtower of Xàbia located in the Portitxol area, both located on private land.

Where is it located

Cala Ambolo is located near Cabo de la Nao, on Calle Richard Wagner-5, on its southernmost slope we find the Isla del Descubridor and in the vicinity of the cove we find the Ambolo viewpoint.

To access it you have to go along the Cabo de la Nao road until you reach a detour on the right-hand side where it is signposted first. "Ambolo" to go to Ambolo viewpoint, from where there are fantastic views of the entire cove and of the cliffs that form the coastline of the Jávea coast, and just below the "Cala de Ambolo".

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The access to the cove is complicated since the car has to be left very far from this small beach which is accessed by going down some stairs. It is far from the urban area. Also, good footwear is recommended in this cove since, in addition to having to walk about 10-15 minutes to the cove, once there it is also essential for walking on gravel.

Activities and services

Cala Ambolo is an ideal place for diving lovers to discover the wonderful meadows of Posidonia. Its clean and crystalline waters are perfect for practicing the snorkel in a virgin and natural environment.

Due to the rocky terrain Creek is not a good place to practice other sports. In addition the wind does not bother so it is not a good place for sports such as windsurfing, paddle surfing or surf. It is a cove to go to relax and have a good time enjoying its scenery and beautiful waters.

In addition, this beach does not offer services such as maritime surveillance and rescue, nor is dog bathing allowed. There are no sunbeds and umbrellas rental services, nor are there any rental services for canoes or kayaks, however, you can hire kayak routes that leave from other beaches to reach Cala Ambolo.

In this cove we do not find bars, restaurants or shops near the cove. To do this, you have to go to the Cabo de la Nao road or go to one of the three urban centers of Jávea.


  1. Mariluz says:

    Hello, I think you should specify in the article (even if it is old), that the beach at present (August 2017) is closed by landslides and that parking in the streets leading to the cove from the main road, carries a fine of 80 €, even on streets that are before the ban to pass except for residents.

    • Eduard ernst says:

      Days ist auch heute night so. We have seen Verbot hundertfach missachtet wird, steht am Eingang zum Quartier in den Sommermonaten ein Securitaswächter, weil Autofahrer die Straßen vollparken und Einheimische an der Wegfahrt hindern.