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They are looking for a tourist who disappeared in Xàbia while she was on vacation

13 2024 April - 10: 35

A 39-year-old woman disappeared on April 9 while spending her vacation in Xàbia. According to a family friend, the young woman, named Audrey Fang, was spending a few days of rest alone in our Community and was staying in a hotel in our municipality. According to what relatives have been informed from the hotel, the tourist left the accommodation on April 9 and nothing has been heard from since.

She had a reservation from April 4 to 10. She left the hotel at 20:45 p.m. on the 9th and did not return to her room. Her things are still in the hotel room. Fang should have already arrived in Singapore, but she has not. The airline confirms to those close to her that the young woman did not board the flight either.

Yesterday, Friday, a disappearance report was made to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Civil Guard, who have begun investigation work to determine the whereabouts of the young woman.

Given this worrying situation, Audrey's family and friends are appealing to the public in case they have any information about her in recent days and can provide any clues about her possible whereabouts.

At the moment it is only known that he left the hotel and did not return. His whereabouts have been unknown for four days.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish with all my heart that she appears safe and sound, in the same way that I wish that it be found out what happened to the boy who disappeared two years ago and the girl who disappeared in 2014, the death of a family member hurts for a while until it is assimilated. But spending the rest of your life without knowing where it is or what happened is such an overwhelming and devastating feeling that I wouldn't wish it on even my worst enemy. Many people won't understand it because they haven't been through that situation, but it's really terrible. It is something that cannot be imagined.