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Job vacancies Xàbia: Youth Professional

30 2019 April - 12: 36

The Official Bulletin of the Province has made public the call of the Municipality of Xàbia in employment with the aim of creating a job bank of Youth Technician, Group A, Subgroup A2, in the Youth Area of ​​the consistory.

Among the requirements of the applicant is to be in possession of the Title of Social Education, Social Work, Psychology, Pedagogy or Teaching. Also, among the functions to be performed include:

-Coordination for the design and implementation of youth policies, Promotion of youth programs and promote activities between people and administrations, carry out a program to promote participation in: Secondary Education Institutes (IES), Youth Centers, Associations and Groups of young people

The system of selection of the aspirants will be the one of contest-opposition, that will consist of the resolution of two practical assumptions related to the functions object of the call. You can use this job board both for the coverage of vacancies of staff and staff. The working hours of the selected personnel will be full-time or part-time.


Those interested in aspiring to this bag can deliver the applications within a period of twenty calendar days, counted from the 26 of April (published in the BOP on 25 day of April of 2019, where you can see all the information of this call) . All announcements of subsequent procedures will be published in the electronic Bulletin Board of the City Council and website of the City Council.

Along with the instances, the applicants will present the following documentation: a copy of the DNI, a copy of the required qualification, list of alleged merits and a copy of the documentation accrediting them.

The presentation of applications may be made in the General Register of Entry of the City or those listed in art. 16.4 of the Law 39 / 2015, of 1 of October, of the Common Administrative Procedure. At the end of the deadline for the presentation of instances, by the Mayor's Office-Presidency a resolution will be issued, declaring approved on a provisional basis the list of admitted and excluded persons and indicating in its case the cause of exclusion.

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