Benitatxell terminates the lease with a company of antennas in Puig de la Llorença due to numerous irregularities

The government team of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell, formed by Més Benitatxell and the independent councilor, Toni Colomer, has decided to terminate the lease contract that, for 7 years ago, he had with a private individual. The agreement, whereby the City Council rented a municipal plot, expired last October 31 and, as
The mayor explained in the ordinary full past, the determination not to renew it was made after noticing numerous irregularities.

The first contract was signed by the previous mayor, Josep Femenía, in the year 2012. That was when the first was committed “Serious administrative irregularity” by leasing a heritage asset by finger without bringing the process to tender. Later, the infractions were happening.

As the document pointed out in one of its clauses, “The leased land is intended for the placement of telecommunications equipment, without the lessee being able to vary or expand it […] No antenna or disk can be installed on existing masts other than those that currently exist […] In the case of the installation of new antennas or disks, without the relevant authorization, will be considered a reason for contractual resolution ”.

In this sense, not only this point was breached by the tenant, who was expanding the facility over the years, but also allegedly sublet the antennas to third parties, a totally prohibited practice.

Likewise, neither the local administration has proof, neither documentary nor reliable, that the agreed payments have been fulfilled. The contract established a monthly billing divided into two parts: one monetary and the other “In kind, consisting of institutional advertising wedges of the City of Benitatxell disseminated in local media”.

This second payment method "in species" lacked any control, so it is not verifiable that it has been carried out.

“We cannot continue to allow this type of practices because of their illegality and because they stain the good name of this administration and of our municipality. The land on the top of Puig de la Llorença must be regulated under
the corresponding legality and responsibility, and this is the beginning of a new path of responsible and honest government ”
, said the mayor, Miguel Ángel García. In addition, the munícipe has highlighted the willingness to recover this space of great environmental and landscape value for the enjoyment of all neighbors.

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