Benitatxell will celebrate the 'I Festa del Moscatell' on September 13 and 14

Start date13 September 2019
Finish date14 September 2019
Event typeshindig
PlaceEl Poble Nou de Benitatxell
Opening timesconsult programming

The Poble Nou of Benitatxell keeps alive the tradition of the vineyard and the muscat through its crops and the creation of products. The BioMoscatell project has become an excellent test bench to test organic crops and produce wines and natural juices.

Thus, the City Council now wants to explore the most playful, cultural and festive side of this agricultural tradition and for this, it has organized the 'I Festa del Moscatell', scheduled for the 13 and 14 days of September.

This initiative, launched from the Department of Culture, by Victor Bisquert and Fiestas Populares, Mayte Roldán, will have a marked educational and dissemination facet in which workshops will be held xafar raïm de moscatell and to make models of riuraus. With these activities it is intended that the participant discover how the crop soaks the culture and traditional architecture.

In addition, the programming of this event includes tastings and visits to the fields of the BioMoscatell project, pioneer in the cultivation of organic grapes thus making a theatrical route of 'Les estisoradores'.


Specifically, Moscatell Festa will start the Friday September 13, at 19 hours, with the theatrical route of the estisodores in the hands of the company Teatreres pel món. It will be a tribute to those crews of women who with clean and wise snips removed the ugliest grains and shaped beautiful bunches of golden muscat grapes. This traditional trade represents the first awareness of rural feminism. Meanwhile, at 20 hours, a Muscatell wine tasting offered by the Biomoscatell Association will take place in Espai Molí. This group is the spearhead of the introduction of ecology and sustainability in the agriculture of the Marina Alta.

El Saturday September 14 It will be a non-stop activity related to muscat. The day will begin with a good popular lunch offered by the 2020 party people. Then the Xaranga Toca't un ou will perform.

At 11 hours the workshop will take place xafar raïm de moscatell, one of the essential tasks in traditional winemaking. Stepping on the grape is a festive, bucolic, ancestral act. The youngest will enter the winery and discover that magical moment in which the grape begins to transform into wine. Then there is another activity that spreads the muscat culture. The children will make models of riuraus, the construction that expresses better than any other the architectural uniqueness of the world of vineyards in the Marina

The workshops will continue in the afternoon with the decoration of cabassets per la pansa. At 19 hours a visit to the terraces of the BioMoscatell project will take place and there will be a wine tasting there.

At 21 hours the popular soup organized by Els Festers of 2020. After Torrent singer-songwriter Pau Alabajos will offer a concert.

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