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Xàbia Town Hall struggle for the expansion of routes and schedules of the urban bus

18 2017 April - 00: 06

Many of the residents of Xàbia living outside the village, on developments and have no car, have the difficulty of transportation. And, according to several comments through our networks, residents in other areas of Javea and the Arenal or developments, can not go to many of the festivities by the incompatibility of schedules between the bus and the festival program.

Given these neighborhood concerns, the councilor responsible for transport, José Luis Luengo, He has stated that the City Council is working "for extending schedules and routes, but it is not up to us". The city bus service from Jávea town lends itself to Toscamar.

As explained Luengo, urban transport concession is granted by Ministry, "and at the moment, the company that provides the service signed a contract with conditions, with the sheet of conselleria and as much as we have met with them, we have not yet been able to get improvements."

Further measures for the next recruitment

The mayor of Transportation has indicated that once this concession, which has one year left end, "We will study new measures for the next call for the concession of the urban transport service".

José Luis Luengo has indicated that in the meetings held with the bus company, an attempt has been made to extend the routes, "But for this you have to pay a plus, in addition to the 1000 euros per month that is paid for pensioners cards." In addition, with reference to the midday service, which does not lend Luengo explained that according to the company, "At this time there is virtually no use, so it has been removed".

All schedules and route information can be found at this link.

  1. Erika says:

    Well, I refer to my comment of the past day 15. Today, 19 day, I took the bus to go up to the town and I have seen that the summer schedule has been delayed again and will not start until the June 28 day !! It is clear that the councilor responsible for transport we care about a radish residents in Jávea and that only cares about this transportation so necessary when they will appear tourists, lest they speak after the poorly managed that is for the rest of the year . A real disgust!

  2. Erika says:

    Well, D. José Luis Luengo, councilor responsible for transport, I would replace it already, taking advantage of the distribution of councils announced by Mr. Chulvi. I do not know how long Mr. Luengo has been in that council, nor do I have the pleasure of meeting him, but it is clear that, at least in the last four years, he has done absolutely nothing to improve the schedules or anything on the bus. Indeed, what Teresa says is true, when they have wanted to eliminate stops (Toscamar, Bar La Cova), have been eliminated, therefore, the contract is modified when interested. And, since the Triana bridge is going, apparently, for long, could not a stop be placed in front of the Institute, on Avenida Augusta? The bus passes by and there is a stop for the buses that, I suppose, take to the students. The schedule is ridiculous, people do not use the bus precisely because of that. Everywhere we are promoting the use of public transport, which is often deficient (which is what they are grabbing in Jávea to justify) and, please, do not tell me they can not pay 1.000 or 2.000 € more when they spend the money to squirt in things totally dispensable. That we are not fools! All of us who write in this debate do it so that Jávea improves, wow.

  3. Milagros llinas says:

    It is truly inexplicable that with the distance between the 3 urban centers, town, port and the arenal, there is no urban transport from the 20 hours. I have found the circumstance of leaving mass of the 20 h only in the afternoon and not have how to return to the sandy beach where I live. Not only are the parties to which you can not go because of the lack of transport, it is the daily life that is damaged.

    • Erika says:

      Milagros, sorry, but there is a bus that leaves the bus station at 20 and passes through the port on the 20,10 h. The last of this absurd schedule is the 21 h, with return from Cala Blanca to the village to the 21,30. Of course, be prepared to know nothing about the bus during the fiestas of Loreto del Puerto, because, instead of putting some alternative stops and meeting the schedule, it simply does not appear.
      As it is also absurd to make the bus station useless during the festivities of San Juan, is there no other place to place the bulls? Or that the bus CAN pass over the bridge of Triana, in the port, when the International Festival is celebrated, which completely cuts the Vía Augusta. The miracle that San Juan gives us every year is that the bridge does not fall. Until there is a misfortune, of course.


    HIGHER PASS FREQUENCY AND SMALLER BUSES. The truth is that in the preparatory meetings of the EDUSI (and that was more than half a year ago) already agreed, in several tables, on the need to increase the frequency of passage and change to smaller buses, that is, adjust the service to the reality of transport, something that coincided with the councilors present and the representatives of the various groups that coincided. It was also said that, from that moment on, any acquisition of a fleet of vehicles made by the City Council of Jávea should be electric, precisely by a criterion of "sustainability", although vehicles (or in rental service) have been purchased without Meet this requirement.

  5. Juan says:

    MINI BUSES AND WITH CALLING FREQUENCIES DIGNAS that line as URBAN ... AND NO DILIGENCE ... we do not learn well, to continue to build unlimited yes, but put no connections between people, everything always particularly car ...

  6. Erika says:

    Completely agree with Fernando, Fco. Javier and Teresa, although electric minibuses I see very difficult. Indeed, the bus does not reach Toscamar; He stops that had Placeta Convent front bar Cova also suppressed. The company do we take for fools? Saying the schedule of 13 h until 16 h have deleted because it was not used, do not think of all those working in shops, usually close between 13 AM and 13,30, nor on Thursday, market day, ending at 14 h. Last Thursday we came back like sardines on the last bus midday (you have to catch the 12,50h at the stop Post), I think even more passengers were authorized. Please give the company a serious response to complaints from many neighbors who leave us isolated on Sundays and holidays, which do not take our hair.

  7. Fco Javier Garde says:

    The truth is that would be a very good idea more and smaller buses, all electric. With which it would gain in speed of service and improving the environment.

  8. fernando Llaguno Arsuaga says:


  9. Teresa Catalá says:

    1.-path information is said is not correct because the bus does not reach Toscamar.
    2.- If the contract can not modificar¿como is that it has removed the stop for many years was facing the Toscamar urbanization?
    The vjsta 3.- what has been said it is clear that the contract is rectified if you want.
    4.- Besides the change that occurred is a walking tour of about 600 meters to Toscamar, no light, no hard shoulder and almost without sidewalks, with great danger at dusk. for pedestrians.

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