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    I know that it is not the right space, but I want to proclaim the contempt of this City Council with the disabled.
    Two years ago I reported to a municipal police officer that the two avenues around BBVA Bank, on the beach, have architectural barriers over three centimeters high. Last year I presented it, BY WRITING WITH ENTRY RECORD, to the mayor and…. NO WAY.
    I hope that some media will publish it to me at the provincial or national level

  2. Martinez Josefinna says:

    Shame for the mayor of Javea who leaves the javieses without an urban bus that does not go through the year every half hour who lives in the creek we have 1 serious problem so as to go to medical appointments and blood shots do not talk this year with the construction site we pay all taxes and just being aware of the tourist m

    • Erika says:

      Of course it's a shame, I've been saying it in all media for years (including Mr. Mayor), it doesn't matter if I tell my cat. The only answer has been that the contract is for years and that they are trying to improve it, which I can no longer believe, since when it comes to eliminating stops, like the one next to the La Cova bar, in the town, and how well the market days came, it turns out that you can change the contract. It is simply a monetary issue and, as always, we pay the least economic means we have. Of course, when tourists come, Javea has to look like what it is not: a municipality that cares about its residents. The schedule is absurd, it is absurd that on Sundays and holidays there is no service and it is even more absurd that the “summer” service is finished at the beginning of September, when the feasts of the Virgin of Loreto are in the port, and that the “ Winter »in Jávea start for the municipal bus service from the beginning of September to the middle or the end of July. It is the longest winter in the world, not even the Arctic Circle surpasses it! The councilor for mobility, transportation, or whatever he is called now, his face should be shamed and Mr. Mayor, too. If they depended on the bus, like so many working people, they would fix it in five minutes.

  3. raquel florez says:

    I see a lack of respect that being in the bus stop and visible pass and I leave you. Today at the 18 40 in front of the office of tourism and tourism I leave even making him the signal with the cold that is not fair and passing It is not the prinera that happens to me knowing that it takes an hour to pass

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