Overseas Avenue, open to traffic

Late in the afternoon of Tuesday 8 of October, the Ultramar Avenue would be reopened to traffic after the closure of the remodeling works last September 16. Although only some gardening works are pending, the redevelopment works that affected the circulation are finished and can now be accessed normally in both directions.

After the work, the sidewalks are wider, three meters, incorporates decorative elements and trees. It should be noted that the works have been delayed for several months and have caused inconvenience to neighbors and visitors, an issue that they regret from the town hall.

The last phase of the work has been carried out in three weeks although it is true that they started at the end of September of 2018 being the company in charge of the work Promed Consulting SLU. who won the contract with a proposal of 790.000 euros (VAT included), compared to the 930.000 euros that was the starting price. The construction company promised to reduce the execution period to 4 months and invest some 100.000 in improvements.

Finally, the works, after finishing the first phase in April, suffered delays due to the change of the winning company, the heavy rainfall in Holy Week and the renewal of the Safety Plan that prevented operators from working for a few weeks.

In June, the redevelopment work was resumed, stopping in August and continued this September.

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Comments on "Overseas Avenue, open to traffic"


  1. Pedro:

    Thank you for opening Ultramar Avenue, and at night the bolides cars and motorbikes, have experienced the speed at full speed, if you do not put brakes in several areas of this street, this will end very badly. It is and should be a beautiful street not a circuit for the borachos day or night


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