Although there were merits to win, CD Jávea ties against UD Carcaixent

After celebrating the holiday of CD Jávea with the presentation of your soccer school teams, the match between CD Jávea and UD Carcaixent began, which did not disappoint the audience. The locals left with more mordant and on the first occasion Guerrero's goal came from an accurate shot from the edge of the area.

In this way, the first part was a clear local domain that did not translate into the marker. On the part of Carcaixent, leader of the category, he had no clear chance of scoring; very good in defense and midfield but blunt in attack.

The meeting stood out for the occasions that the locals had: a shot by Álvaro López that was adjusted to the crossbar, another later by Marcos that a defender thwarts another clear and clearer occasion, a clamorous Camilo ruling that Álvaro gave back and a defense He went ahead of the local player.

The second part was more balanced with the Carcaixent more advanced, but the first time was again Alvaro Lopez with a strong shot that Camilo sent to corner. The first and only opportunity for visitors resulted in the goal of the tie; an accurate shot of Adolfo who entered next to Edu's right post. With the game leveled, they took the helm again the locals who had three clear scoring chances. At the exit of a corner, Guerrero and Camilo head ends in the afternoon stop, with the premises overturned on the visiting frame, Álvaro throws with temper and the ball goes off touching the post and the last one in an individual play by Ayoze It was three rivals and his shot with the left is lost by the right of Camilo.


CDJávea: Edu, Ayoze, Cristian, Aldo (Pau 85 ′), Renzo (Paolo 62 ′), Ferrán, Marcos (César 69 ′), Ramis, (Paco 62 ′), Álvaro López, Panucci and Guerrero.

UD Carcaixent: Camilo, Cristian, Saoro, Adnan, Arturo (Peó 70 ′), Izan, Jorge, Alexandre (Iván 78 ′), Adolfo, (Héctor 89 ′), Micó and Benji (Víctor Bou 90 ′).

goals: 1-0. 6 minute. Warrior. 1-1. 56 minute. Adolfo

referees: José Carlos Caballero, Borja Devesa and Javier Galdón. They warned Guerrero and Aldo for the locals and for visitors to Adolfo, Benji, Saoro, Jorge, Micó, Iván, Alexandre and a bench member.

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  1. Javea:

    It is only my opinion, as it is possible k a player k in any team would start in this team only give him ten minutes, possibly because it is not Denia of the deee group I leave it there


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