Aspanion and Isabel Martí, awarded the October 9 award 'Vila de Xàbia'

The value, effort, work and delivery have been rewarded today in Xàbia with the delivery of the 9 d'Octubre Vila de Xàbia awards. The Aspanion Association, dedicated to the support of families of children with cancer, with Local Board in Xàbia and the balladora, Isabel Martí, have been awarded with this award. Aspanion for their solidarity values ​​and Isabel for civic value have been very happy with this recognition.

A recognition that shows society its dedication to others, for the struggle to help and make our roots known. And in this way the act has begun today, with the performance of two balladors of the Danses Portitxol Group, in the plenary hall of the Town Hall, and presented by the festival queen of Fogueres de Sant Joan 2019, Inés Doménech.

Aspanion was created in 1985 at the state level, but in Xàbia it is located three years ago by the hand of Madelane Powell, president of the Association at the local level and a family member who experienced a difficult situation. Since then, Aspanion Xàbia works in different events to raise funds and provide help and psychological support to families in need, said Vicenta Torres, a member of the Association.

Powell, who has sincerely thanked this award, has received the award from the hand of the Mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi and highlighted his work to keep fighting.

In the prize for civic values, the tribute has been for Isabel Martí, born in Xàtiva but neighbor of Xàbia for more than 30 years. She has been the one who has made Valencian cultural activity grow and with it, El Grup de Danses Portitxol.

empar Bolufer She has been in charge of making her presentation, extolling her restlessness and great work for the passion of dance and traditions. Martí has ​​excitedly picked up the Vila de Xàbia award from the hand of the first mayor.

Chulvi, in his parliament, in addition to congratulating the winners, has dedicated a few words to the writer and teacher, Carme Miquel, who died in June.

José Chulvi has lashed out at the Central Government for lack of funding, "The Valencians feel prisoners of an unbearable financial situation, without hearing our demands, without the resources that correspond to us and without a stable government that alleviates these shortcomings."

The mayor has demanded the repeal of the Law of Rationalization of the Administration "A legislative trap that punishes the City Councils to not be able to spend their own money, to not attend to how it would touch people and not to provide services as well as we could."

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