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This is how Xàbia will reinforce surveillance in the "hot spots for crime"

November 28 from 2023 - 13: 35

Xàbia has taken the first step towards the implementation of a video surveillance system that reinforces the mechanisms that the Local Police have to fight crime in the municipality.

The full past in the Javea Town Hall A credit modification of 7,6 million euros was approved, the items collected specifying one of 275.000 euros to start the video surveillance project, which will focus on urbanizations and will begin with a first phase until providing the municipality with a system complete surveillance.

Both the mayor, Rosa Cardonaand Councilor for Citizen Security, Juan Ortolá, have highlighted that one of the main concerns of the government team "is to strengthen the means to improve citizen security." And for this reason, this video surveillance system is a tool that will allow the Local Police to reinforce these means, especially in suburban areas and urbanizations that are "hot spots for crime", especially related to home robberies. .

In this way, if necessary, the Local Police and the Civil Guard will have "access to all people and vehicles that in some way enter and leave the town and could cause any type of crime."

Cardona and Ortolá have pointed out that once the credit modification comes into force, the necessary impetus will be given for this project to become a reality as soon as possible and "our municipality is increasingly safer."

  1. Luis says:

    What are these right-wing and extreme-right councilors like? During the pandemic they complained a lot that they weren't allowed to have a drink.
    Now they put cameras on them to monitor them like flocks of sheep and they think it's great.
    If that…

  2. Juan Ramón says:

    I don't have sewage or electricity on my street, but I will have cameras...

  3. Urgent security says:

    The cameras have to be just the beginning. It is important to put them in many key places, that they also serve for the fires that we have periodically, and that there be more police (with the capacity to react to what happens in those cameras and that they also patrol: it is important that they be seen for the deterrent effect ).

    We have fewer police than ever even though the population has grown a lot and so has crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you in everything except that the population has grown, when Chulvi entered in 2011 we were more or less 32.000, now we are 28.000, the population grows in summer with tourists but registered in the municipality we are, more or less, 28.000 . People leave because here there is no work, no security, no affordable options for housing and many other things, it is a shame

  4. Vicent says:

    Is it legal?

    • Erika says:

      Yes, it is legal. No decent and honest person is bothered by being watched by the police on the street, and in most cities there are many cameras that can prevent some crimes or help solve them. Of course, as long as the police can come, if necessary, to resolve them, which I see as quite difficult in Jávea, since there is a shortage of personnel and Jávea is very large. We'll see if it works.

  5. Neighbor says:

    With the Local Police we are able to do it.
    They have a problem with their legs that prevents them from walking through the streets, they can only zoom with cars. Nobody knows where they are going.
    In other words, it's like not having a Local Police.
    They have less vocation than what I know.
    Maybe there are some exceptions, but I don't know them, nor have they told me about them.
    Talking about them is tiring.

  6. Anonymous says:

    That's not a solution, it's a patch. To put an end to crime they must change part of the government system, this council has the same mental square as PSOE, as long as they do not know how to see beyond there will continue to be problems in the municipality even if they put a camera on each street.