Students of the Benitatxell school claim equality with an animated short film

The students of the Santa María Magdalena CEIP have used their talent to vindicate social relations in an egalitarian and respectful way through a short film entitled Qui soc?, that they themselves have created and in which a humanoid robot appears as an actress who previously had to learn to program.

The initiative is part of the educational innovation project "Schedule your work", a project whose objective is the realization of a short film with a social purpose that this year fulfills its VI edition and is the
first time it takes place in the educational center of Poble Nou de Benitatxell.

The story begins when Leira, a very dear student and great leader in school, is injured playing soccer and has to miss class for three months. In its place comes Ariel, a humanoid robot that everyone despises. When Leira returns recovered, they find her sad. Ariel is gone. They discover that both were the same person. One was adored, another was despised. Leira gives them a very important human lesson: 'Tract tots as t'agradaria that et tractaren to your'.

An endearing and vindictive story in which the students have learned to program the robot and program the movements and dialogues for the short film. The project also involves an important artistic work, since the original idea, the script, characters and sets of the three short films have been created by the students of the Poblero Center.

Screening of the short film

The project began in January with the training of teachers who have been involved in this initiative and has the support of the Department of Education of the City Council of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell. The short film
will screen for the first time the 24 of May in the Superior Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante with 24 short films more than other educational centers of Secondary and Primary of the province of Alicante that also
They are carrying out the project with their students.

That same day, the Polytechnic School will also host the event of the educational project of constructions of social drones, the Air Fair, and MOMO, a project that consists of the realization of a short film uniting digital electronics, Stop Motion and 3D Printing. In total will meet near 30 secondary and primary schools in the province of Alicante.

It should be noted that "Schedule your work" Like the Air Fair and MOMO are projects of El Caleidoscopio, start up of the Miguel Hernández University and have the collaboration of Alioth Arte y Ciencia, the Polytechnic School of Alicante, the University of Valencia, the Miguel Hernández University of Elche , the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Esperanza Pertusa Foundation of Gioseppo, the Teacher Training Center of the Ministry of Education (CEFIRE) and the Territorial Center for Innovation and Training of the Ministry of Education in Madrid (CTIF).

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