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Alberto Tur: «Sport, the backbone of our people»

August 10 from 2019 - 08: 45

Linked to sports activity since childhood at the Joventut Xàbia Basket Club, Joventut Xàbia Cycling Club and the Pilot Club, as well as a neighbor of the Thiviers neighborhood, Alberto Tur, now faces a great challenge being the Councilor for Sports, Thiviers neighborhood and of Activities.

His motivation to help the people of Xàbia and improve the lives of their neighbors is the priority with which he takes on the new positions. Alberto, with 33 years, Technical Engineer in Surveying and Senior Technician in Dental Prosthesis, is one of the new faces of the next government team «Excited and eager to give 100% in each area that has been delegated to me. I assume this responsibility with the clear idea of ​​working for the neighbors of Xàbia ».

In sports, the new councilor faces the realization of two major projects, two sports facilities highly demanded by citizens and clubs, the municipal pool and the covered pavilion of the Freginal, which are underway since the previous legislature, "The pool project is one step away from the tender, while the freginal pavilion is in the drafting of the project. I can anticipate that both the pool and the pavilion will be multidisciplinary infrastructures, aimed at strengthening the base sport in Xàbia and respond to clubs that currently have no space: Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastics, Martial Arts and the climbing wall respondent ". But Alberto is aware that Xàbia needs more sports facilities, «I don't forget the defendants that still exist, such as the running track».

Tur: "You have to invest in improvements and maintenance"

In addition, for the new mayor, his bet is "Not only do we have to start up new facilities, we also have to invest in the improvement and maintenance of existing facilities such as Les Mesquides and the Miguel Buigues Municipal Pavilion." Tur also highlights his big short-term bets "adapt the Department of Sports to new technologies and take it to the digital world. As well as the creation of a Municipal Sports Council".

The councilor of Xàbia adds that the sport "It is and must be the backbone of society, at the educational, social and tourism level; and be a source of transmission of values ​​towards environmental respect."


In the neighborhood of Thiviers, Tur's objective is to obtain greater neighborhood involvement to learn about the needs and concerns of the residents of this nucleus of Xàbia. "Thiviers is the neighborhood where I was born, it is an important neighborhood of the town that connects the town with the port and I intend that there be an evolution. The remodeling of Reina Sofía Park, the rainwater of Urteaga Architect and Escolano Historian and the creation of an area for pets, these are the projects that are currently designed for the Thiviers neighborhood, ”adds the mayor.

With regard to the area of ​​activities, Alberto Tur works in "resource optimization and study how to give
faster responses to citizenship in their requests. "

  1. Fernando says:

    Well com always Stogoff.

  2. Miquel Strogoff says:

    So much that he likes sports and that he says it is a backbone if they had made the city of sport in the saladar it would have been a progression for young athletes to take off in their dreams.

    • Erika says:

      I'm sorry, this time I don't agree with Miquel Strogoff or Fernando. The Saladar is a flood zone (since Roman times, nothing less) and should not be built there, in addition to being one of the few areas that remain unbuilt and provides a pleasant walk for those who like to walk more than go by car to everywhere. The current "Palace" of Sports is poorly designed from the beginning and that is why it does not work for many of the sports that should be held there. But the City Council of Javea has plenty of spaces wide enough to make a true "City of sport" without further degrading the little green space we have left.

  3. Mar says:

    Remodeling of Juan Carlos 1 Avenue for when ……. Bla bla bla

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