Open the Triana bridge after the technicians review

El Javea Town Hall The Triana bridge will reopen to the pedestrian crossing after performing a technical inspection of its state after the last maritime storm and rain. This morning, municipal technicians and the engineer who has written the demolition and reconstruction project have reviewed the interior slab and formwork of the bridge as well as the cracks in the road to assess its safety and rule out new damage. Also the mayor, José Chulvi, has been able to see in first person the state of the infrastructure.

After the inspection it has been decided that the conditions are safe for the pedestrian crossing and that is why a passage will be enabled in the internal margin of the bridge, which is the one in the best conditions. It is expected that early today afternoon - Friday 20 September - will be open.

On the contrary, in a preventive way it will remain closed for the passage of vehicles until it can finally be rehabilitated, a work that is expected to begin in the short term. In this regard, the mayor recalled that the tender for the work (which has not been executed so far due to the abandonment of the company that was awarded) will be next week.

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Comments on "Open the bridge of Triana after the technical review"


  1. Pedro Diaz Manjon:

    I like the many and varied parties of Javea, in the town, in the port and I ask it would be possible that the outsiders and also natives who live on the unfinished Augusta Avenue participate in them, apart from the monk rok, which I believe is a discrimination towards We do not bother the elite, as well as the party of nations increasingly devalued, to see if we are considered as neighbors of Xabia, apart from paying taxes and receiving very little in return.
    Mr. Chulvi my lady and I had an interview with you and then he promised us that he would be the mayor of all Xabia, ago
    Many years that Augusta Avenue does not come, possibly the best avenue in the Valencian Mediterranean but totally
    abandoned except for some patches.

  2. Pedro Diaz Manjon:

    I write to thank the local police who attended me last night and got the light back to our pedestrian street, thanks, agent and thanks also to the eletrician.
    This pedestrian street is an authentic martyrdom for those of us who live in it, blackouts as soon as it rains something strong, central hedge with oleanders of more than three meters and full of garbage and weeds, pavement turned into a real jungle, cleaning services pass through the Av.Augusta and do not enter our street, although we are part of it, if we ever get any services is based on requests and writings to the municipality of majority socialist of Mr. Chulvi, to pay taxes if we count.

  3. Pedro Diaz Manjon:

    It seems good to me that a risk assessment has been made and traffic is facilitated for people and referring to the assessment
    of risks who assesses the danger of several dozen people who live in the pedestrian that goes from Augusta Avenue to
    the Av del Pla that we have spent several nights in the most complete darkness where there is a COMPLETE OKUPADA urbanization
    by people from many different countries with no other means of life than the begging of drug trapping, especially young people, and small thefts that begin to be felt in the area, Mercadona, Puga, Aldi, Lidel, etc., because of my call asking the local police for help, they tell me that a street without light is not considered an urgent issue, hopefully we don't have to regret it and the eletrician on duty has time to come when the relevant evaluation is done.


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