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«Take the wind, Cupid!»

February 14 from 2024 - 07: 09

Well yes, my dear readers, what a disappointment. Until recently, I celebrated - or at least tried to - Valentine's Day in a big way, believing or considering that love triumphed in my life..., but nothing could be further from the truth.

Scientists got their little hands into the matter and, today, it turns out that love is nothing more than an alteration of body chemistry. Yes, I know that you can tell me that it has long been said that love is a disease that can only be cured by time or marriage, but 'from word to deed...'; However, not now.

Now it is proven with facts, come on, with scientific experiments carried out in the bloodstream that reveal the full flow of dopamine, serotonin and other 'ines' that make us half assholes. The problem is when it comes with another half of bullshit as standard, then that's it... And although they say that this state of temporary imbecility only lasts about eighteen months, I highly doubt it. Unless in that short interval the mixture of imbecilities enhances the one that was brought from the factory 'for' the remains.

In any case, it must be recognized that seduction, conquest, looks, poems, declarations, heart palpitations, a lot of dizziness have been done in one fell swoop... and even Cupid, since, with arrows, nanay. There are no arrows other than neurotransmitters increased by a hormone called 'neurotrophin' that produces in our organism all the alterations that we previously gave to those hunks or those pibonas that left us senseless.

And the fact that through the blue streets of the veins they are trafficking hormones in revolution may be the best mitigating factor. There can always be “I'm sorry, I was wrong and it won't happen again”, remember?

Man, the ideal, now that we are removing the romanticism from the thing, would be that work will also be removed, that is, no waste of time on prolegomena that we already know only obey one cause, let's go directly to the results and, when we want that someone falls in love with us, you know: a box of chocolates filled with 'neurotrophin' and the boat is ready. And if the relationship with those who are caught by the heart or the crotch does not work as it should, then nothing, one of the antidote 'neutrofinel' and let them give it to them. That, no matter how much pain is an experience, it could ensure that there would be many who would get over some experiences.

So, between the serotonin that makes us happy, the oxytocin, confidence, and now the neurotrophin, wild passion, starting today, when we say that there is chemistry between a couple, we are not going to be resorting to metaphors.

And, of course, nothing about love being blind. Love, like the song by Las Supremas de Móstoles, is a “sickness” of three pairs of hormones. Never better said.

Juan Legaz Palomares

1 Comment
  1. Luis says:

    That's what happens to you for celebrating consumerist parties and believing everything you read about supposed "scientific studies"... Real Love is something else.