50 school students l'Arenal collect more than 4.000 butts in less than an hour of cleaning

In only a quarter of the Arenal Beach of Xàbia have been collected 4.054 remains of butts and more than 70 sticks. A cleaning task that was included within the second campaign "For a sea without plastics" of the Oceanogràfic Foundation, in collaboration with Paradores, and that 50 students of l'Arenal school have done.

The day of awareness of this campaign has begun this morning at the same National Parador with a talk about the situation of the seas and their threats and biological samples, the scope of marine biodiversity and its importance has been explained.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the president of Paradores, Óscar López, the Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Moliner, Mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, the sub-delegate of the Government in Alicante, Maria Araceli Poblador, and the director-manager of the Oceanogràfic Foundation, Leocadia Bartual, who have mentioned the importance of taking care of the sea.

José Chulvi has expressed the concern of the neighbors of Xàbia for the sea and the mountain, "We want to conserve to enjoy the sea and the mountain during the whole year, and for that we have to have it. You (in reference to the students) have to be the teachers of your families ».

For his part, the president of Paradores, Óscar López, has indicated to the students that the pollution of the Earth has been done in the last 80 years, "Paradores will collaborate in the fight against climate change by removing all plastic straws, and from August all plastics will be removed from the dining rooms and rooms."

The manager of the Oceanogràfic Foundation, Leocadia García, commented that this campaign will reach 27 paradores, both coastal and inland. Also, the Secretary of State, Isabel Oliver, emphasized the importance of living beings that live in the sea, "The seahorse that presides over the facade of the hostel is beautiful and the sea is the main source of wealth for tourism in Spain."

Next, the students of the Arenal school, in groups of 10 people and accompanied by volunteers from the Oceanografic have cleaned up, a quarter of the extension of the Arenal Beach

Despite the remarkable cleanliness of the sand, after a thorough search of three quarters of an hour and the classification of the garbage, 4.054 cigarette butts and more than 70 ear sticks were counted, in addition to a large number of plastic chips of different origin. According to the specialists of the Foundation, no such amount had been registered so far in any of the actions led by the entity. The coordinator of this activity has reported that cigarette butts take between 10 and 15 years to disappear.

Today's campaign is an agreement between the Oceanogràfic Foundation and Paradores that was signed at the beginning of May, by which both institutions ratified the collaboration to develop communication and dissemination actions, among which are precisely the installation of informative posters in the establishments throughout the public hotel chain, which has 97 establishments throughout Spain and Portugal, with more than one million rooms occupied and two million seats served in its restaurants.

Last year, the campaign focused on the paradores of the Spanish coast and included, among other actions, the installation of a large mural on the facade of the hotel recayente to the Arenal beach or the opening of an informative corner in the hostel of El Saler. This year it is intended to bring to all corners the message that the pollution of the sea begins from the inside.

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