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"28M all progressive votes to the ballot box!"

02 March 2023 - 12: 36

For a long time, the forces to the left of the PSOE have been talking about the fact that we are in a situation of social emergency, and more so, since the irruption of the extreme right with all the media apparatus and the state powers that support it. Examples are not lacking.

As ordinary citizens, the contradiction arises that, while all the progressive forces tell us that we are in an emergency situation, we observe the difficulty of articulating broad fronts. Something difficult to understand especially when there are no major programmatic differences between the different organizations to the left of the PSOE.

Surely we know friends with whom we have an ideological coincidence, but we are forced to vote for different options. What is happening to us?

The situation is complex. At the national level, it seems that the different actors are waiting to see the shape that Sumar's initiative finally takes and to see the best way to build an exciting project. At least that is the commitment of Podemos.

At the regional level, Compromís has already reiterated, on more than one occasion, the refusal of any type of coalition.

What is the situation regarding municipal candidacies? From Podem Xàbia we think that the best thing is to join forces in the construction of a transformative and exciting project.

We cannot afford four more years of a new absolute majority of the PSOE characterized, as we have been showing for a long time, by carelessness and inefficiency in municipal management. But even worse would be a local government led by the PP, promoter and defender of massive construction in Xàbia, possibly in coalition with the extreme right, and whose DNA is corruption, the setback in rights and the dismantling of the little welfare state that we still have

Xàbia has to look forward and build a friendly city together, that wants and is loved by its citizens. And with this purpose, from Podem Xàbia we have repeatedly proposed to Compromís to work to prepare a joint candidacy.

A joint candidacy that stops the threat of the far-right block and that is capable of accompanying progressive policies and effective management for our municipality. That we at least sit down to talk to see the best way to join forces. The people of Xàbia must be far above the initials and partisan interests.

In addition, the circumstance arises that according to the latest vote estimate in our town (prepared by the CIS 3 months ago) going in coalition, and due to the application of the d'Hondt Law, the progressive bloc would govern the municipality.

The definitive answer from the management of Compromís in Xàbia has been no. We do not know if the reason is because it responds to a national slogan or because they simply do not see it clearly at the municipal level.

From Podem Xàbia we regret this lost opportunity, but of course, we respect the decision of Compromís, a political force that we continue to see as an ally and with which we surely have meeting points. We are going to continue with our work, charged with energy and illusion, and although we have not managed to build a single progressive candidacy, we continue to tell you that on 28M all the progressive votes will go to the ballot box.

Juan López Vilaplana, candidate for mayor of Xàbia 2023 by Podemos

  1. Ana says:

    Ideologies have never solved anything, they only give more problems! To manage a municipality, a country, a company, ideologies are not needed, but efficiency and solutions. We need a leadership capable of solving problems with a view to the future. Politicians have all failed!

  2. samuel saul says:

    It is very stupid, very much, to think that it is only left that DISGOVELERS us is progressive.
    Anyone can be a progressive, but of course, these people speak by ear and repeat like parrots.

    They ask that we continue voting for those who have ousted Spain, politically and socially speaking.

    For my part I only wish them to crash into the hyenas, which is fine. That we don't want more "progressive" suffering, thank you.

    As for this article-pamphlet, what to say, it is something that squeaks a lot.

  3. Miquel says:

    The right hand of the Valencian socialist president Ximo Puig, José Chulvi, has paid 300.000 euros without a contract in two years to a cleaning company owned by the Alicante builder investigated in the Brugal case and convicted by the Valencian Gürtel, Enrique Ortiz.
    This is the headline of one of the news that circulates out there,
    I think the alternative is the right.

  4. Philip Sanchez says:

    What a partisan comment, the only extreme party is yours, you are from the extreme left, and together with the socialists you have ruined our country, I say country, because if I say country or nation you would not understand.